Episode 12: Matthew Chapter 6

In Episode 12 of the podcast “I Don’t Get The Bible,” Delaney McCraney continues reading the Bible for the first time and discussing it with her theologian and cult leader father. In this episode, they focus on Matthew Chapter 6. Delaney raises questions about the concept of perfection and how it relates to loving one’s enemies. Her father explains that Jesus teaches believers to love those who persecute them, and it reflects God’s disposition towards those who hate Him. They also discuss the Lord’s Prayer and the importance of understanding its context. Delaney brings up the topic of anxiety, expressing her surprise that it is addressed in the Bible. Her father explains that it is an appeal to faith and trusting in God’s provision. They explore the difference between believers and non-believers in handling anxiety. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of reading the Bible in context and understanding the overall message.