Episode 15: Matthew Chapter 9

In this episode of “I Don’t Get The Bible,” Delaney McCraney continues her exploration of the book of Matthew, focusing on chapter nine. Delaney reads the passage where Jesus forgives a paralyzed man and heals him, which leads to a discussion with her theologian and cult leader father. They delve into the concept of Jesus’ authority to forgive sins and the importance of miracles in establishing belief. They also touch on the calling of Matthew, the significance of Jesus eating with sinners, and the use of scripture to defend and refute certain practices. Delaney raises questions about the chronology of events and the distinction between apostles and disciples. The episode ends with Jesus expressing compassion for the lost and emphasizing the need for laborers in the spiritual harvest. Despite the complexities and contradictions encountered, Delaney and her father strive to understand the deeper principles behind the scriptures.