Episode 9:
Matthew Chapter 4

In this episode of the YouTube podcast “I Don’t Get The Bible,” the hosts discuss Matthew chapter four. They explore Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, drawing parallels to Adam and Eve’s temptation, analyze the significance of Jesus as the light in the darkness, and speculate on the reasons why Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John immediately followed Jesus. They also address uncertainties surrounding Jesus’ pre-baptism life and suggest exploring different Bible translations for clarity.

Long Description:

In this episode of the YouTube podcast titled “I Don’t Get The Bible,” the hosts delve into a discussion about the fourth chapter of the book of Matthew in the Bible. The hosts begin by acknowledging that they had recorded a previous show on the previous chapter but had lost it, so they proceed to discuss the current chapter.

They start by talking about how Jesus, after being anointed by the Holy Spirit, is led by the Spirit to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. They note that Jesus had been fasting for 40 days and nights during this time. The hosts speculate on the significance of this event, suggesting that it represents a trial of Jesus’ commitment and a fulfillment of what happened with Adam and Eve, who were also tempted by Satan.

The hosts then discuss the three temptations faced by Jesus in the wilderness, drawing parallels to the temptations faced by Adam and Eve. They explain that the temptations involve turning stones into bread, casting oneself down, and being offered all the kingdoms of the world. They analyze the connections between these temptations and the responses of Jesus, highlighting themes of pride, the importance of relying on God’s word, and resisting the devil’s offers.

Moving on, they talk about Jesus leaving the wilderness and coming to Capernaum after hearing that John the Baptist had been arrested. They clarify that “delivered up” means John was arrested and handed over to Herod. They discuss a line spoken by Jesus in Capernaum, which refers to the people sitting in darkness seeing a great light. They explain that this line is a citation from the Old Testament, emphasizing that Jesus brings light to those in darkness.

The hosts then address a question about why Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John immediately followed Jesus when he called them. They offer speculative explanations, suggesting that these individuals might have known about Jesus due to his presence in the neighborhood or through rumors of his identity as the Messiah. They also mention the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding their decision to follow Jesus.

Towards the end of the episode, the hosts touch on the topic of Jesus’ pre-baptism life and what people knew about him during that time. They acknowledge that the Bible doesn’t provide a clear answer to this question, stating that there are different accounts and uncertainties. They mention that Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins, and people might have heard about Jesus through John’s preaching.

The hosts conclude the discussion by suggesting that reading different Bible translations, such as the RSV or ESV, might provide better clarity on certain passages. They emphasize the importance of understanding the spirit of the text rather than getting caught up in word-for-word translations.

Overall, this episode of the podcast explores the themes and events in Matthew chapter four, discussing Jesus’ temptation, the calling of the disciples, and the significance of Jesus as the light in the darkness. The hosts acknowledge certain uncertainties and offer their interpretations while encouraging listeners to explore different translations for better understanding.