Acts Chapter 11 | Episode 76

Are you curious about what the Bible says and means to Christian believers today? Do you want to gain a fresh perspective on its teachings and challenge traditional interpretations? Look no further than the “I Don’t Get The Bible” podcast, hosted by self-taught theologian Shawn McCraney and his daughter Delaney McCraney.

In the latest episode, Episode 76, Shawn and Delaney dive into Acts Chapter 11. As Delaney continues her journey of reading the Bible for the first time, she seeks her father’s insights on the passages she has encountered. This podcast aims to provide an alternative perspective on what the Bible says and means to Christian believers today, with the belief that it will bring liberty and light to seekers of Truth.

With each episode receiving its own blog post on the podcast website, this episode delves into the rich content of Acts Chapter 11. Join Shawn and Delaney as they explore the significance of this chapter and unravel its deeper meanings. Whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or someone curious about its teachings, this episode offers a fresh perspective that challenges traditional interpretations.

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Tune in to gain a new understanding of Acts Chapter 11 and discover how it can impact your spiritual journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to challenge your beliefs and gain a fresh perspective on the Bible.