Acts Chapter 12 | Episode 77

In the latest episode of I Don’t Get The Bible, Shawn and Delaney McCraney dive into Acts Chapter 12. As always, Delaney reads the chapter for the first time and then Shawn provides his interpretation and insights.

The chapter begins with the death of James, one of Jesus’ disciples, at the hands of King Herod. This leads to the imprisonment of Peter, another disciple, who is miraculously freed by an angel. Shawn notes that this story is often used to promote the idea of divine intervention and protection, but he argues that it is important to remember that not all believers are saved from persecution or death.

The chapter also includes a strange story about Herod being struck down by an angel and eaten by worms. Shawn explains that this story is likely meant to show the contrast between the power of God and the weakness of human rulers.

Throughout the episode, Shawn and Delaney discuss the themes of persecution, faith, and the role of God in human affairs. They also touch on the idea of free will and how it relates to the concept of predestination.

Overall, this episode offers a thought-provoking and alternative perspective on Acts Chapter 12. Listeners are encouraged to check out the podcast on all major platforms, including YouTube and the official website at The podcast is part of The Great News Network, which offers a variety of channels and resources for seekers of truth and spiritual growth.